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AMALIA - Analog/RF/Mixed signal Analyzer and Optimizer has been deployed on several Design Migration, Design Derivatives and IP development applications. AMALIA is topology and technology independent and leverages industry standard EDA simulators like Eldo, Spectre, APS and Ultrasim. As can be seen by examples below, our design automation application can address circuits of varied flavour.

Our unique value proposition is shorter schedules driven by front to back automation and high quality resources. Using this unique capability, we have migrated, tuned and developed derivatives over a varied range of applications and on varied technologies.
Some of the applications are listed below:

Customer Designs we have worked on

  • Wifi Chips - Design Migration, validation
  • Low Noise Amplifiers with focus on power reduction
  • PLLs - Migration and frequency derivative development. Focus on lower power
  • Bandgap Reference
  • Opamp
  • Voltage Regulator
  • Analog to Digital Converters
  • Linear Regulator - Creating multiple load current derivatives of the PMIC
  • Active Filter - focus on lower power amplifiers
  • Voltage Controlled Oscillator - resulting in derivatives with 20-25% lesser power than conventional approaches

Technologies worked on

  • TSMC 035um, 180nm, 65nm, 28nm
  • AMS 035um, 018um
  • UMC 130nm
  • Tower Jazz 180nm
  • GF 40nm, 28nm
  • SMIC 40nm

Customer Applications

European IP Design Company
OpAmp with ADC in TSMC 180nm

For this application, the focus was to generate two derivatives:

  • 1. A low current amplifier - shown in the fourth column
  • 2. A high GBW - shown in the fifth column
The requirements provided by the customer are in the second column and the specification values for their design are in the third column.

Opamp Results

Two stage amplifier in cmos32lp

The focus here was to meet the requirements for GBW and Differential Phase Margin Freqency while also reducing current and component area.

Two stage amplifier

Generate a lower power variant of
Design Bandgap in production

UK Design Company

In addition to minimizing current consumption, Amalia found a solution that pushed PSRR into spec.

Two stage amplifier

Generate a Lower Power Low Noise Amplifier
for a Home IoT Application in SMIC 40nm Technology

A 15% power reduction was obtained for this circuit and improvements on the rest of the specifications

Two stage amplifier

Generate a Bandgap derivative with a smaller area for a UK Design house

Amalia reduced the component area of this circuit by 57.5% while also meeting the requirements for current.

Two stage amplifier

Generate a low power variant of a Bandgap
for a EU SME in GF40nm

Amalia reduced the component area of this circuit by 57.5% while also meeting the requirements for current.

Two stage amplifier

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Case Studies

Thalia Design Automation saved one of its customers 60% in design time and substantial costs, by generating a complete family of LDO variants from a single 20mA design.
Download the case study

Thalia achieved design centering for intermodulation and power reduction of a low-noise amplifier solution with savings in project cycle time of more than 50%.
Download the case study

We have successfully validated and tuned circuits such as

  • Amplifiers,
  • Bandgaps,
  • ADCs,
  • Regulators,
  • Oscillators,
  • LDOs,
  • LNAs,
  • PAs,
  • VCOs

We have consistently delivered designs with > 50% reduction to design schedule.

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