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Migrating Designs Across Process Technologies

Analog/RF designs need to be migrated across technologies for a variety of reasons. Some of them are

  • Node requirement
  • Cost
  • Performance
  • Flexibility with the foundry

However, the task of migrating designs can be labour intensive and can result in long cycle times.

We at Thalia Design Automation, leverage

  • Our proprietary design toolset AMALIA to address design validation, design tweaks and feature enhancements.
  • Highly experienced analog and RF design and layout resources

Thalia's Analog Design Migration Flow


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Case Studies

Thalia Design Automation saved one of its customers 60% in design time and substantial costs, by generating a complete family of LDO variants from a single 20mA design.
Download the case study

Thalia achieved design centering for intermodulation and power reduction of a low-noise amplifier solution with savings in project cycle time of more than 50%.
Download the case study

We have successfully validated and tuned circuits such as

  • Amplifiers,
  • Bandgaps,
  • ADCs,
  • Regulators,
  • Oscillators,
  • LDOs,
  • LNAs,
  • PAs,
  • VCOs

We have consistently delivered designs with > 50% reduction to design schedule.

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