Thalia Design Automation
Thalia Design Automation

AMALIA™ Design enabler and analysis

The AMALIA tool suite is a key part of Thalia’s revolutionary approach to analog development, providing an “intelligent assistant” approach that fits with the industry’s required approach to increasing automation

AMALIA™ analog / RF / mixed signal circuit design optimizer and analyzer

AMALIA™ is a disruptive analog / RF / mixed signal circuit optimization and analysis toolset. This toolset incorporates innovative CAD/EDA methodologies, algorithms and mathematical modeling to accurately and rapidly arrive at optimal solutions for analog / RF and mixed signal circuits.

Value Propositions

  • Addresses nominal, PVT analysis and design centering – faster than conventional approach
  • Facilates easy migration of a design across process technologies
  • Quickly design product derivatives: eg flavors of LDO with different load currents
  • Adaptive, interactive design – Design parameters, specifications modified during optimization process
  • Quickly validate if a design block or an IP block meets design requirements
  • Avoids incorrect or inefficient solutions
  • Integrated region of operations and safe areas of operation check

EDA vendor integration

  • Integrates into Cadence ADE
  • Supports all Cadence simulators, including Spectre®, APS, SpectreMDL, OCEAN
  • Supports Mentor Graphics’s Eldo