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Thalia Design Automation

Analog IP reuse

The AMALIA IP re-use platform uses advanced AI algorithms and targeted automation with smart design methodology for the migration of analog and mixed signal integrated circuits.

What we do

We are IP re-use specialists. We are not an IP vendor. At Thalia we engage with our customers and use our AMALIA IP re-use platform to migrate, improve and optimize existing IP for new technologies and applications. This means our customers – IP houses, Tier 1 players and foundries – can leverage the platform to re-use and diversify their product ranges quickly and cost effectively to meet ever-changing market demands.

Cost effective solutions

As the functionality of modern-day applications increases, the need to fit more transistors with expanded capability into a chip increases exponentially. Chip makers and foundries have to constantly move towards the technology process that aligns with market needs. The additional benefits of moving towards smaller process nodes include reduced power consumption, better performance and access to new markets.

Introducing Thalia and the AMALIA software suite

In this video, Thalia’s CEO, Sowmyan Rajagopalan, and VP of Product Development, Syed Ahmad, explain how Thalia can help semiconductor businesses manage the competing priorities of expanding existing product ranges at the same time as developing new products. They explain how Thalia’s AMALIA IP reuse software suite streamlines analog design migration by offering a comprehensive solution, from technology analysis to layout generation, resulting in time savings of at least 40% compared to a traditional, manual approach.

Developing an IP portfolio

This process flow shows how our approach is also very good for generating a portfolio from existing analog IP or IC designs. The design cycle time for a single variant of an IP block, for example, a PLL operating at a different frequency/jitter or an LDO with different load currents, could take several weeks if not months. Our approach using targeted automation means our experienced team can rapidly accelerate this process with quick testing and nudging of the design to meet the varying requirements of different markets.

IP optimization

Power, performance and area improvement are an important requirement for any IP vendor. Using the AMALIA platform, clients can efficiently and quickly identify a set of design solutions to meet requirements. Once identified, they can then tweak the design to rapidly arrive at the optimum solutions for analog and mixed signal circuits.


Thalia’s customers are migrating, optimizing and creating key analog blocks for Wifi, Bluetooth and power management IPs. Read our case studies to find out exactly how we can help your analog design effort

Case study: LDO

Thalia saved one of its customers 60% in design time and substantial costs, by generating a complete family of LDO variants from a single 20mA design.

Case study: LNA

Thalia achieved design centering for intermodulation and power reduction of a low-noise amplifier solution with savings in project cycle time of more than 50%.

Case study: PLL

PLLs are a vital element in applications such as WiFi and Bluetooth radio. Thalia ported and optimized a 40MHz customer design in a matter of weeks

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Thalia helps us to deliver exactly the right feature and performance combination for our customers, against demanding time-to-market and cost requirements. Thalia’s combination of novel design automation technology and analog design expertise is unique in the market: we’ve already seen a positive impact on our ability to deliver against tight customer deadlines

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