Thalia Design Automation
Thalia Design Automation

About us

Thalia is a pioneering venture-funded company with a unique technology and business approach that is revolutionizing one of the most challenging sectors of today’s global electronics industry: analog/RF design and IP reuse.

Designing analog, RF and mixed signal circuits is a time-consuming, labor-intensive and highly specialist effort, representing the most difficult design challenge in today’s semiconductor industry. As the complexity of analog chips and intellectual property (IP) increases, it has become clear that their design cannot be completely addressed by a manual, iterative approach.

And yet analog and mixed signal design has remained stubbornly unreceptive to the kind of end-to-end automation that has become commonplace in the digital domain.

Thalia Design Automation is redefining that landscape. We combine the experience of an expert analog design team, with a unique development methodology and the use of our AMALIA™ platform, our proprietary and highly innovative design automation technology.



Cost-effective analog IP reuse

This combination represents a truly disruptive force in analog design. We enable versatile analog IP reuse strategies and cost-effective diversification of our customers’ product ranges; rapid process node retargeting allows every design to be performance-tuned in the most cost-effective, power-efficient process available.

There are many practical benefits to this new approach, including:

  • Faster project turnaround
  • More cost-effective than using customers’ internal engineering resources
  • Allows internal teams to focus on innovation and value-add

AMALIA design enabling software

AMALIA tools and methodologies provide multiple benefits in the analog development flow

  • Assist in porting schematics from one technology to another
  • Support out design team in validating and centering their design post migration
  • Enable the generation of circuit variants: e.g. low power, different loads, or area-optimization
  • Enable rapid qualification of the circuit topology in a new process node
  • Facilitate analysis and understanding of the impact of trading off circuit characteristics

AMALIA integrates with Cadence® and Mentor® design flows and leverages industry standard simulators such as Spectre, APS, Eldo and AFS.


Our company

Thalia Design Automation has design and development centres in Cologne, France, Wales, and India. The company’s target customers include integrated circuit (IC) design companies and IP houses. Thalia’s investors include Mercia Fund Managers, DeepBridge and Finance Wales: it has also received grant funding from Innovate UK and The Welsh Government.