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Thalia Design Automation


Dolphin Design

Dolphin Design is a leading company in semiconductor IPs and platform solutions. Thalia and Dolphin’s partnership transforms the way IP portfolios are expanded and managed, delivering new IPs to market faster and more cost-effectively than through conventional processes.


Sofics is a leading provider of analog I/Os, specialty digital I/Os and ESD protection. Thalia’s Technology Analyzer helps major IP houses and integrated circuit design firms determine whether or not IP is fit for purpose or suitable for cost-effective migration. This partnership means Sofics’ specialist IP portfolio will now be included in the recommended target technology candidates.


Thalia is part of the Cadence Connections EDA Program, enabling Cadence customers to benefit from the cost and time savings when using the Thalia AMALIA IP Reuse Platform in migrating to new technologies. Thalia’s AMALIA IP reuse platform comprises three key elements that align with Cadence workflow – the circuit porting capability, the Design Enabler and the Technology Analyzer.


Achronix’s Speedcore eFPGA IP is the market leader with over 10 million cores shipped into customer’s ASIC devices. Speedcore eFPGA IP brings the power and flexibility of programmable logic to ASICs and SoCs. Customers specify their logic, RAM, MLP and DSP resource needs, then Achronix configures the Speedcore IP to meet their individual requirements. This creates an application optimized eFPGA IP core that is embedded into a custom ASIC device for production applications. Using the AMALIA platform, users of Achronix eFPGAs can produce a complete, single packaged solution from an eFPGA chiplet combined with analog or mixed-signal chiplet.

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