Thalia Design Automation
Thalia Design Automation

AMALIA™ Design enabler and analysis

The AMALIA platform is underpinned by Thalia’s revolutionary approach to analog development, providing an “intelligent assistant” approach that fits with the industry’s required approach to increasing automation

AMALIA™ analog / RF / mixed signal circuit design optimizer and analyzer

AMALIA™ is a disruptive analog / RF / mixed signal circuit optimization and analysis toolset. This toolset incorporates innovative CAD/EDA methodologies, algorithms and mathematical modeling to accurately and rapidly arrive at optimal solutions for analog / RF and mixed signal circuits.

Value Propositions

  • Addresses nominal, PVT analysis and design centering – faster than conventional approach
  • Facilates easy migration of a design across process technologies
  • Quickly design product derivatives: eg flavors of LDO with different load currents
  • Adaptive, interactive design – Design parameters, specifications modified during optimization process
  • Quickly validate if a design block or an IP block meets design requirements
  • Avoids incorrect or inefficient solutions
  • Integrated region of operations and safe areas of operation check

EDA vendor integration

  • Integrates into Cadence ADE
  • Supports all Cadence simulators, including Spectre®, APS, SpectreMDL, OCEAN
  • Supports Mentor Graphics’s Eldo