Thalia Design Automation
Thalia Design Automation

Analog IP portfolio development

Thalia’s approach to analog IP design and reuse is effective whether you’re creating a range of product variants, designing analog IP from scratch, or looking to performance tune existing designs.

Thalia’s approach to analog IP development and delivery represents a fundamental shift in the way such IP is created. We help customers streamline their analog design flow and create an analog IP reuse methodology. The end goal is to enable IP houses and IC design companies to deliver products tailored exactly to their customers’ requirements, quickly and at reduced cost.


Designing analog variants or derivatives using AMALIA™

One area in which Thalia’s approach is particularly effective is in the generation of variants of existing analog IP or IC designs. PLLs, ADCs, PMICs, LDOs and LNAs are all available with a variety of detailed specifications for frequency voltage, power output and so on – each appropriate to a particular market requirement.

The design cycle time of a single variant of a buck or boost converter can be more than six months, so creating a portfolio of devices to address a broad range of market requirements takes substantial development resources, deployed over long cycle times at a high cost.

Our approach leverages a unique combination of highly capable targeted automation and highly experienced analog / RF designers to accelerate design validation, tuning and centering by an order of magnitude. This results in rapid testing of designs, quickly nudging the design to meeting the requirements.