Thalia Design Automation
Thalia Design Automation

Power, performance and area improvements

Thalia’s AMALIA IP reuse platform delivers improvements in power, performance or area (PPA) for existing analog IP. By using targeted automation to analyse and compare base and target technologies, we can improve PPA according to the needs of any given project.

Migrating analog IP from one technology to another or one foundry to another is usually accompanied by revised requirements for power consumption, speed and performance or the physical size of silicon chip.

Thalia’s targeted automation and design expertise means that when a new market dictates new requirements, we can make sure that existing IP, when migrated, will meet the updated requirements and function correctly.

Our customer engagements work in one of two ways. For most, we take their IPs and deploy our AMALIA platform and design expertise to complete the engagement. But there are times when customers have particularly sensitive applications that prevent them from sharing the IP with us to work on. In these situations, we have the option to grant access to the elements of the AMALIA platform that they require and allow them to conduct the project themselves, calling upon our design expertise if required. This means they receive all the benefits of our AMALIA platform, without compromising their sensitive material. 

Design centering of an LNA

Thalia achieved design centering for intermodulation and power reduction of a low-noise amplifier solution with savings in project cycle time of more than 50%

Migration of a PLL to a 28nm process

As part of a wider process migration of a WiFi system, Thalia used a combination of design expertise and AMALIA design automation to retarget a PLL design to a 28nm process