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Design Enabler

Our Design Enabler reduces the number of iterations required to reuse an IP in a new technology or node, delivering solutions 30-50% faster than conventional approaches

About the AMALIA Design Enabler

The Design Enabler is part of the AMALIA IP Reuse Platform targeting the cost-effective re-use of analog and mixed signal integrated circuits. This innovative software enables users to efficiently centre designs after migration from one technology to another.

By quickly identifying the minimum set of devices needed to adjust the design the tool reduces the number of changes required in layout while improving performance. With the use AI and machine learning this software can make significant savings of up to 50% time and resources.

Design Enabler case study


  • Displays centred design solutions ranked according to user preferences 
  • The centred solutions account for performance specifications, regions of operations and operating points 
  • All PVT corners are included in the design centring process 
  • Automatically identifies the mission-critical devices and focuses on adjusting the minimum set of devices to reduce changes to layout 
  • Advanced algorithms automatically find and match or scale devices as well as enabling users to add their own constraints 
  • The process is fully interactive – eg. users can adjust focus and increase priority on achieving performance goals (power, area, etc.) 
  • Solutions can be selected and viewed in schematic

Design Enabler product brief

Target applications include:

  • Centring and improvements from migration of analog IP
    to a new technology 
  • Rapid design of IP portfolio
  • Technology agnostic

Download Design Enabler product brief

Design Enabler deployed

Find out how the Amalia Design Enabler helped us to successfully deliver a voltage regulator in 22nm process with 45% design time savings.

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