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Technology Analyzer

Our Technology Analyzer helps clients assess whether or not an IP will meet the parameter requirements in a new technology node, and identify which first or second order effects need adjusting in order to qualify it.

Much of the effort involved in migrating an IP from one technology to another is associated with qualifying the IP in the target technology. If a block fails to meet the requirements in the target technology, its response would be sub-optimal or would make the block unusable.

The technology analyzer identifies the root cause of an IP block failing, greatly reducing the time taken to tweak the design to meet the requirements. It also compares base and target technologies at the start of an engagement, helping our clients to control project costs and choose the right technology node for the end requirements.

By analyzing base and target technologies from the outset, it’s easy to see where the process technologies are similar and where they differ the most. The technology analyzer considers both first and second order effects like FT, gm/id, Vdsat, Vt, mismatches and others.

With traditional methods, identifying such problems can be extremely time consuming. Thalia’s technology analyzer is part of our AMALIA IP reuse plus platform.

In addition, AMALIA’s technology analyzer can help clients assess whether or not IP is fit for purpose or suitable for cost-effective migration – a due diligence tool essential in the purchase of any new IP.


Technology Analyzer Case Study

Thalia deployed its Technology Analyzer to migrate a whisper trigger amplifier to a 22nm process with a tight deadline and key characteristics to be addressed.

Comparing Characteristics: IP Reuse and the Role of the Technology Analyzer

New or reused IP? In-house or third party? Targeted or total automation? The right choices can save time and money. Thalia’s Technology Analyzer can help to identify the right choices.

Technology Analyzer Presentation 

Listen to Thalia’s CTO, Sowmyan Rajagopalan, presenting the Technology Analyzer at the SemIsrael virtual event in 2020.