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Technology analyzer

Successfully migrating an IP from one technology to another requires the IP to be fully qualified in the target technology. Thalia’s AMALIA IP reuse platform facilitates this through our proprietary technology analyzer.

Much of the effort involved in migrating an IP from one technology to another is associated with qualifying the IP in the target technology. If a block fails to meet the requirements in the target technology, its response would be sub-optimal or would make the block unusable.

Whenever a key specification is not being met in the target technology, we have to determine the process technology or circuit characteristic responsible – i.e., the root cause of the discrepancy.

By using our automated technology analyzer, we can take a design-centric approach to analyze and compare base and target technologies to see where the process technologies are similar and where they differ the most. The technology analyzer considers both first and second order effects like FT, gm/id, Vdsat, Vt, mismatches and others.

With traditional methods, identifying such problems can be extremely time consuming. Thalia’s technology analyzer is part of our AMALIA IP reuse plus platform. It rapidly and accurately identifies any issues, allowing a solution to be implemented much more swiftly than in conventional analog IP design.

In addition, AMALIA’s technology analyzer can help clients assess whether or not IP is fit for purpose or suitable for cost-effective migration – a due diligence tool essential in the purchase of any new IP.