Thalia Design Automation
Thalia Design Automation

AMALIA™ Analog schematic porting

Schematic porting is one of the necessary steps in enabling analog IP reuse. Thalia’s AMALIA circuit porting software can be used to address nodes from 180nm to 22nm from a range of foundries. 

Fast and efficient schematic porting

Thalia’s circuit porting capability is part of the AMALIA analog design automation tool suite and can be applied to both Cadence and non-Cadence flows.

It is configured for TSMC, Global Foundries, UMC, SMIC, and in-house technologies of Tier 1 design companies. It accepts Component Description Format (CDF) properties such as device width/length; technology limitations such as minimum/maximum permissible device dimensions and area constraints and design constraints.

It allows rapid analysis of the porting process by providing a detailed error/warning log that can be used to direct the designer’s attention and provide solutions to porting problems.

Analog schematic porting

Thalia deployed its unique schematic porting solution to accelerate and cost-reduce the process of  porting a customer’s Bluetooth design from a 28nm to a 40nm process node